Innovation as a promise.

Our profile.

We are a partnership of digital entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, product developers, IT professionals and industry experts.

Our clients come from the fields of Engineering & Mobility, Food & Retail, Health & Media and Banking & Insurance.

Together at Vertum we work on the future of these industries and see "Innovation as a Promise" as our personal mission statement.

Our mission.

As a specialized strategy consultancy and professional development studio, we always come into play when companies want to venture into new territory.

We conduct market and competition research, validate projects from a technical, financial and regulatory perspective and develop and build digital and physical products to market maturity.

With serious industry expertise, a good eye for business realities and absolute precision in implementation.

Our strength.

We come 100% from practice and are measured by our results, not by the quantity of our presentation slides.

Therefore, we consistently avoid empty phrases, but translate challenging projects into applicable products and strategies which, in addition to "problem solving", also provide pleasure in interaction.

In doing so, we not only have a passion for creativity, but also a focus on measurable value contributions, genuine market acceptance and the integration of quality and risk management.

Our services.


Market research, competitive radar & IT environment analysis.

We scan future technologies and see the market and competition as a dynamic whole, facing increasing expectations.

Venture building, market launch & lead generation.

In the Lean Startup process we build speedboats for your company, bring their products to life and provide valid feedback in the market.

Idea generation, future scenarios & innovation development.

We scout innovations, design validated future scenarios and develop new product ideas that really work on the market and in the company

Strategic digitization & business transformation.

We sound out and optimize processes, develop tools and train methods such as Design Thinking and agile management among your employees.

Concept & design, validation and prototyping.

We sketch tangible and feasible concepts, develop customer-friendly designs and build prototypes that are guaranteed not to gather dust in the corner.

Design & development of hubs, incubators & accelerators.

Building on your future and portfolio strategy, we design corporate hubs, accelerators and other entrepreneurship programs.

Our values.

The analytics of a strategy consultancy.
The creativity of an agency.
The tech know-how of an IT development studio

Absolute customer focus.

With more than 20 years of professional experience, we have learned to listen and believe in the knowledge that lies hidden among companies, customers and competitors. That's why we don't shoot solutions from the hip, but rather develop what - and only what - provides you with a measurable quantum leap in added value.

Real innovation.

Digital transformation is more than buzzword bingo and aesthetic gimmickry. Therefore, we focus on sophisticated strategy and technology development that goes far beyond UX topics and includes your production, stakeholder relations and corporate management.

Expandable solutions.

Future technological projects only make sense if they remain connectable. Therefore, we not only ensure the necessary interoperability with other interfaces and future communication standards, but also provide usable data bases and a modularity that is fundamentally ready for connection.


Digitization is not a goal.
But a tool for your projects.


No delegation of responsibility.

Moritz Grumbach

Strategy &

Economist with +15 years experience in market analytics, venture building, corporate development and M&A.

Dr. Alexander Zumdieck

Strategy &

PhD physicist with +15 years of experience in Strategy Consulting, Venture Building, Accelerators & Data Analytics.

Sonita Soth

Industrial Research &
Market Research

Business Information Systems and Scientific Researcher with +5 years of experience in research and data preparation.

Mark Ballandies

Industrial Research &
Market Research

Computational Scientist (ETH Zurich) and researcher in the field of block chain and interactions between technology, security and society.

Vladimir Miroshnikov

Technology &
Product Development

Venture Developer with +10 years of experience in Product Development, Project Management & Accelerator Building.

Oliver Khan

Technology &
Product Development

Software Engineer with +10 years of experience in IT architecture & implementation with focus on industrial technologies

Dr. Tobias Fries

Technology &
Product Development

Doctorate in Big Data Aggregation and Process Mining and in the field of industrial process automation.

Chris Heinze

Technology &
Product Development

Technical entrepreneur and international expert in block chain, supply chain and authentication.

Erik Ackner

Technology &
Product Development

Experienced technology and accelerator manager and venture builder with in-depth expertise in WiFi and sensor technology.

Marcus Scheinpflug

Product, Hardware &

Creative designer and brand building expert with experience in interior design, shopfitting and exhibition stand construction.

Luke's Praise

Product, Hardware & Design

Photographer and media producer with many years of experience in corporate film and multimedia web development.

Matt Koslowski

Product, Hardware &

Business Information Systems Specialist with +10 years of experience in Product Development & UX-Design and Prototyping & Brand Creation.

Romina Pilloni

Product, Hardware &

Designer and product concept developer with many years of experience in the visualization of digital user worlds as well as UX and interfaces

Martin Michelbrink

Product, Hardware &

Graphic and product designer with over 15 years of experience in designing brands and web-oriented customer worlds.

Dr. med. Sönke Bartling

Expert Healthcare

Doctor of Radiology, university lecturer and founder of the international "Blockchain for Science" movement.

Claas Nieraad

Industry Expert

VC investor, corporate finance manager and entrepreneur with decades of experience in project financing.

Miriam Kröger

Industry Expert

Experienced logistics manager (including Hermes, Kühne & Nagel) and head of the international Next-Logistics-Accelerator in Hamburg

Bernd Sautter-Gädecke

Industry Expert
Food & Retail

Management consultant, food developer, scout and trade expert with over 20 years of experience in the food, trade and agricultural sector.


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