The Transformation Company.

Our Mission.

As a specialized strategy consultancy and professional digital development studio, we develop and build digital and physical products for German-speaking and international companies.

With industry expertise to be taken seriously, a good eye for user-friendly design and absolute precision when it comes to implementation.

Our Strength.

We come from practice and let ourselves be measured by our results, not by the amount of presentation slides we have.

For this reason, we consistently skip empty phrases, but translate demanding projects into applicable products and strategies that not only solve problems, but also bring joy to daily usage.

Our Services.


Market Research, Competition Radaring & IT-Environment Analyses.

We scan future technologies and see the market and competition as a dynamic whole that faces increasing expectations from the in- and outside.

Idea Formation, Scenario-Building & Innovation Development.

We scout innovations, design validated future scenarios and develop new product ideas that really take effect on the market, as well as within the company.

Product Creation, Validation & Prototype-Building.

We sketch tangible and realisable concepts, develop customer-friendly designs and build prototypes that provide robust benefits.

Venture Building, Market Introduction & Lead Response.

Folowing lean-startup methods, we build speedboats for your company, bring their products to life and provide valid feedback in the market.

Corporate Digitization, Transformation & Training.

We validate internal strategies and processes, develop tools and train design thinking and other agile management methods among your employees.

Creation of Corporate Hubs, Incubators & Company Accelerators.

Based on your future strategy, we design and set up your own hubs and innovation programs, accelerators or other entrepreneurial programs.

Our Values.

The Analytics of a Strategy Consultancy.
The Creativity of an Innovation Agency.
The Hightech-Knowhow of an engineering office.

Customer Centricity.

With more than half a century of combined professional experience, we have learned to listen and believe in the knowledge hidden within companies, customers and competitors. That's why we don't shoot solutions from the hip, but develop what - and only what - gives you a measurable quantum leap in value.

True Innovation.

Digitale Transformation ist mehr als Buzzword-Bingo und ästhetische Spielerei. Deswegen konzentrieren wir uns auf anspruchsvolle Strategie- und Technologieentwicklung, die weit über UX Themen hinausgeht und Ihre Produktion, Stakeholder-Beziehungen und Unternehmenssteuerung mit einbezieht.

Extensible Solutions.

Technological projects only make sense if they remain connectable. We therefore ensure not only the necessary interoperability with other interfaces and existing communication standards, but also usable data bases and fundamentally connectable modularity.


Management Team.

Moritz Grumbach

Moritz Grumbach

Analyse & Strategie

Wirtschaftswissenschaftler mit +15 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich Market Analytics, Venture & Product Building sowie Business Development.

Dr. Alexander Zumdieck

Dr. Alexander Zumdieck

Analyse & Strategie

Promovierter Physiker mit +15 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich Strategy Consulting, Venture Building, Acceleratoren & Data Analytics.

Dr. Tobias Fries

Dr. Tobias Fries

Forschung & Entwicklung

Promovierter Softwareentwickler mit Fokus auf digitale Organisationen, Maschinelles Lernen und Predictive Analysis.

Mark Ballandies

Mark Ballandies

Forschung & Entwicklung

Computational Scientist (ETH Zürich) und Re­searcher im Bereich Blockchain und Wechselwirkungen von Technik, Sicherheit und Gesellschaft.


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